Monday, February 13, 2012

Visit Falls of the Ohio State Park

Recently, I visited the interpretive center at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, Indiana located across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. They have two temporary fossil displays that have nice specimens to observe. The first image is of an enrolled Flexicalymene meeki trilobite from the Ordovican found in Hamilton County, Ohio.

This next image is of the Eocene fish fossil Knightea sp. found in the famous locality of Green River Formation (Kemmerer, Wyoming).

Followed by an imprint of snail in a stromatoporoid of the Jeffersonville Limestone (Middle Devonian) Oldham County, Kentucky.
Above are images of Baculites cephalopod fossils of Upper Cretaceous of South Dakota.

Pelecypod fossil embedded in an ironstone nodule of the Upper Pennsylvanian Period found in Grundy County, Illinois.
Calamites plant fossil found in the Pennsylvanian Period layers of Vigo County, Indiana. Plant is similar to the modern horsetail rush (Equisetum hyemele).