Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silurian Brachiopods - Indiana

Eospirifer radiatus

Brachiopods shown are: Atrypa reticularis?, Eospirifer eudora, Eospirifer radiatus, Homoeospira evax, Laptaena waldronensis, Meristina maria, Parmorthis waldronensis, Rhynchotreta cuneata, Stegerhynchus sp., and Whitfieldella nitida

These 10 fossils are from Middle Silurian Period (423-418 million years ago). All fossils were found in Clark County Indiana USA in the Waldron Shale.

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Gracillariid Leaf Mine Fossil

Leaf mine fossil made by moth caterpillar (Gracillariid sp.) from the Cretaceous Period.  Fossil on display (2010) at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Washington D.C.

Display lists it as "The scar on this fossil leaf shows where a moth tunneled into the leaf to feed on the plant tissue."