Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog in Review- 1000th Posting

Writing this blog post marks the 1000th entry for Louisville Fossils on the Blogger system.  The journey so far has been educational as my curiosity leads me back in time to study long extinct creatures from millions to hundreds of millions of years ago.  It has provided an opportunity to improve my spelling of Latin based names of these creatures.  Also learn about other areas of the country and the world that have amazing fossils.

The blog has been some work and also fun.  Hopefully, I have helped some people with the information provided here and also with answers e-mailed to fossil questions sent to me.  The biggest surprise to me is the most popular entries in the blog were not about locally found fossils but of information about dinosaurs.  With that stated, here are links to the some of the most popular of my posts:

The January 23, 2010 images of the Louisville Zoo's Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit: CLICK HERE

Pictures of the cast of the Dracorex hogwartsia at the Indianapolis Children's Museum from November 17, 2009: CLICK HERE

A movie review of the IMAX movie Sea Rex shown at the Louisville Science Center June 14, 2010: CLICK HERE

Some fossils made it on the list as well.  My odd entry speculating I found the imprint of a Cladoselache shark fin in the New Albany Shale (July 8, 2010): CLICK HERE

St. Clair Pennsylvania fern fossils from my friend Dave at the blog Views of the Mahantango shown on April 19, 2010: CLICK HERE

A large Platystrophia ponderosa brachiopod found in the Louisville area shown February 2009: CLICK HERE

Some of the most common fossils looked for that search engines directed to the blog were: Hexagonaria, Rafinesquina, Tabulophyllum, Cryptolithus, Heliophyllum, Pleurodictyum, and Halysites.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you have any questions or what to see pictures of a particular fossil, feel free to e-mail me at

Venericardia rotunda of Texas

A clam fossil called Venericardia rotunda found in the Stone City Formation (aka Whiskey Bridge) around the Brazos River near Bryan Texas.  This creature existed in the Eocene.  A similar fossil has been profiled on this blog before  in May 2010 but from Alabama: CLICK HERE

Thanks to Dave M. for the fossil.