Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chocolate Fossil

A little off the beaten path today. I present a chocolate brachiopod. Okay, it is not brachiopod or fossil but a Guylian Belgian Chocolate seashell.

I like how each seashell is double sided.

Not long after this picture was taken this chocolate mollusk became extinct. It was yummy!

This next picture is maybe a chocolate clam.

Here is a spiral snail with some shell ornamentation.

I included a fossil of an Ordovician Period snail called Loxoplocus from the Drake Formation in Kentucky.

This next candy piece might be some sort of shrimp.

Here is a picture of the box of candy. Eleven different sea shells chocolates shapes are represented in the box (contains 22 in all) and I took pictures of just a few. A family friend from Austria gave me these chocolates as a thank you for changing the oil in their car.

According to the company website, this product is their best seller. I found the taste unique and the chocolate pieces have a multi-color appearance. Two types of chocolates appeared to be used, one darker than the other. The center of the candy piece is roasted hazelnut praliné which is coated a special chocolate blend. Their website goes into much more detail about the chocolate and its ingredients.

One last note about a special project that Guylian does. It is called Project Seahorse which the company donates money to for each box of sea shell candy sold. They are trying to help conserve seahorses in the world as their habitat is being threatened.