Thursday, November 22, 2018

Turkey or Dinosaur for Thanksgiving?

After eating a Thanksgiving meal (above image wish bone of dinner's main dish), I came across an article in the Washington Post about how turkeys are related to dinosaurs. About 250 million years ago (mya), the group Archosauria tree split between Pseudosuchia (ancestors of the crocodile) and Dinosauria (eoraptor),then at 240 mya the tree split again to Saurischia, Theropoda (225 mya), Tetanurae (190 mya), Maniraptora (180 mya) to today's modern birds (Avialae).

Watch the video below, as it will explain how modern birds with limbs with 3 digits, wishbones and hollow bones relate today's birds with the dinosaurs of the past.

If it does not show up it is at link:

Happy Thanksgiving!