Sunday, November 6, 2022

Greererpeton burkemorani Fossil

This cast of a fossil was displayed on August 2022, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. An extinct tetrapod fossil is called Greererpeton burkemorani (Romer, 1969). The cast made of the specimen that was found at Greer Quarry, Decker's Creek Monongalia County West Virginia USA. It dates to the Mississippian Period. Genus first described by Alfred S. Romer in 1969. The species appears to be named after a Cleveland Museum of Natural History paleontologists John J. Burke and William E. Moran who uncovered fossils like this at Greer Quarry (the type locality). its record shows collector as CMNH which I suppose means Cleveland Museum of Natural History. So this might be a cast of one of their fossils. Visiting their web site, I found a 3D model of a different specimen CMNH 11093 from the same West Virginia locality.