Sunday, August 9, 2009

Australian Fossils

Here are some more pictures of fossils found in southeast Australia by Bill.

I am guessing these first two are of maybe some sort of plant. It reminds me of a Sphenophyllum from the Pennsylvanian Period in the United States.

I am not sure what kind of fossil this is. It does not look like anything I find in my area. [UPDATE: I have been reading a booklet called Fossil Beds of the Falls of the Ohio from the Kentucky Geological Survey, 1993. On page 18 figure c, they have an image of a coral head that is in a shape similar to this fossil. It is described as "Ham-hock-shaped Favosites in bedrock in the wash area". The ones in these pictures look pretty worn but the large area was probably a lot of small corallites fanning radially out.

Is this some sort of stem (crinoid or plant)?

This fossil looks like a worn brachiopod. It reminds me of a Silurian Period brachiopod called Stegerhynchus.