Saturday, September 25, 2021

Desmograptus micronematodes Graptolite Fossil

My trip earlier this month to Alpena, Michigan USA with several amateur paleontologists from Louisville and Chicago, we visited a local paleontologist Paleo Joe (aka  Joseph Kchodl). This picture is of one of his graptolite fossils from Middleport, New York USA. This fossil is known as Desmograptus micronematodes (Spencer, 1884). It was found in the Rochester Shale and existed in the Silurian Period.


Species was named by Joseph Winthorp Spencer (1851-1921) in Graptolites of the upper Silurian System (Niagara fossils). Bulletin of the University of Missouri Museum, 1, pages 555–610 published 1884.

Dr. Spencer is buried at Grove Cemetery in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.