Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Coral Finds

My cousin has once again helped me with a post. I mentioned that was running out of ideas for fossil posts without doing some more research and he sent me some pictures. Here are some of his recent finds from Jefferson County, Kentucky.
This first coral is from the Louisville Limestone and Middle Silurian Period. It is probably a genus Romingeria growing inside/on top of a stromatoporoid (sponge). I like the blue color of the fossil.
This one looks to be a nice sized colony of Coenites of the Middle Silurian Period. The interesting item is below the measurement scale. It looks to me to be some sort of holdfast. Fossil found in Louisville Limestone layer. This next picture of two Coenites coral fragments. The aspect this is somewhat different is most corals we find like this are flat or fanned out. These two are twisting upward as you can see from the shadow in the picture.

This last picture is of a small, delicate coral fossil. It might be a Middle Devonian Period Drymopora. This coral was found in the Jeffersonville Limestone layer.