Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brazosport Museum of Natural Science

While doing some research on Texas fossils, I came across an interesting website for Brazosport Museum of Natural Science in Clute, Texas. I believe this is just south of Houston. They boast of having "the largest collection of shells on display in the South with shells from around the world."

If I am ever near Houston, Texas, I hope to pay a visit to this museum. It looks like a great place to visit and take pictures.

One of the main items that attracted me to the website though was a section called "Meanderings of a Texas Fossil Hunter" by Dan Woehr. This is an impressive set of reports going from the present to 2003. Mr. Woehr has created a lot of documentation on his fossil collecting adventures with descriptions and pictures in the PDF reports. He has a number of reports about collecting fossils in the Cincinnati area that I can relate to. Most of his reports are about collecting in Texas which from what I read so far has quite a few ammonite, crab, sea urchin, and shark teeth fossils.

Visit the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science on the Internet at http://bcfas.org/museum

Caritodens Clam Fossils

The following pictures show Ordovician period clams called Caritodens demissa (Conrad, 1842). These clams were found in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky (just outside of Louisville, Kentucky). They are probably from the Grant Lake Formation. The growth lines remind me of a contour map. Learn more about this pelecypod fossil at one of my other postings.