Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aulopora on Protoleptostrophia Brachiopod

This image shows an Aulopora (Goldfuss, 1829) coral growing across the surface of a Protoleptostrophia perplana (Conrad, 1839) brachiopod.  Two other brachiopods shown in the top left are probably a Spinocyrtia or Devonochonetes. The plate was found in the Silver Creek Member of the North Vernon Limestone.  Specimens found in Clark County, Indiana.  Fossil creatures shown existed in the Middle Devonian Period (Eifelian).

Next picture shows the plate before it was sandblasted.  You can see a few Aulopora (Goldfuss, 1829) corals and part of a brachiopod.

This last picture shows the plate after sandblasting.  The cleaning was focused on the Aulopora (Goldfuss, 1829) coral growing on the brachiopod.