Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rhipidomella hybrida Brachiopod

A well preserved fossilized shell half of a Rhipidomella hybrida brachiopod of the family Rhipidomellidae named by Schuchert in 1913.  The genus Rhipidomella named by Ochlert in 1890 and the species hybrida named by Sowerby.

This specimen is the only one I have found in the Middle Silurian period Waldron Shale of Clark County, Indiana.

Rhipidomella hybrida illustration
The Silurian Fauna of Kentucky
by August F. Foerste
Plate XXIII Figure 18

This brachiopod might be similar to the Dalejina hybrida (Dalejina = Mendacella) in the Rochester Shale of New York.