Sunday, October 2, 2011

Polaricyclus conkini Ammonoid

This fossil is a real treat.  It is a Polaricyclus conkini and found in the type locality of Coral Ridge, Jefferson County, Kentucky. The species is named for Dr. James E. Conkin, professor emeritus at the University of Louisville. Fossil was named by David Work (Maine State Museum) and Charles Mason (Morehead State University) in their 2004 paper Mississippian (Late Osagean) Ammonoids from the New Providence Shale Member of the Borden Formation, North-Central Kentucky in the Journal of Paleontology.  See paper: CLICK HERE.

Dr. Conkin discovered the Coral Ridge Member in the 1950s during thesis work at the University of Kansas. It is neat to see a fossil found in the Louisville area and named for a local geology professor.

This pyrite fossil was found in the Coral Ridge Member of the New Providence Shale.  Thanks to Alan for letting me purchase it.

Images take using microscope at 23x and 8 mm field of view.