Friday, September 24, 2021

Fossils at Mich-E-Ke-Wis Park

 Mich-E-Ke-Wis Park overlooks Lake Huron in Alpena, Michigan USA. Huge boulders line the waterline are a good place to explore to see so many fossils. So many death ensembles of a lot of brachiopod fossils as shown in first 2 pictures. My foot as reference shows how big an area the fossils are spread. Below shows Atrypa (Hall, 1862) brachiopods in close up.

This next picture shows a panoramic of coastline to explore.

The following picture shows the marks made by glacier movement thousands of years ago.

Last picture is of a large Hexagonaria (Whitefield, 1882) fossil.

Great place to visit. They have a nice playground and nice restaurants next to the park with great lake side views.