Friday, September 19, 2008

Loxoplocus Gastropod (Snail)

Here is a Loxoplocus bowdeni gastropod from the Marble Hill Bed of the Rowland Member of the Drakes Formation (equivalent the Whitewater Formation in Indiana) in Trimble County, Kentucky, USA. It was found during a KYANA field trip in May 2008. It is about 4 cm in length. Also the genus is now known as Paupospira.

Fossil dates to the Ordovician Period Katian (Richmondian) Stage.

Falls of the Ohio State Park

The Falls of the Ohio Indiana State Park in Clarksville, Indiana is a GREAT place to visit if you are in the Louisville, Kentucky area. I think it costs maybe $3 for admission to the visitor center and they have some neat displays about natural history of the surrounding area.

A partial view of the fossil beds you can explore while there.