Sunday, February 20, 2022

Muensteroceras (Goniatites) indianensis Drawing from 1891


This image was scanned and Photoshop enhanced from Plate XIX figure 2 in Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources Seventeenth Annual Report 1891 by  Sylvester Scott Gorby (1848-1930). It is described on page 700 as a new species Goniatites indianensis (Miller, 1891). Fossil found in the lower Carboniferous Period.

"The species is founded upon two sandstone casts from the Knobstone or Waverly Group, of Clark County, Indiana, now in the State Museum of Indianapolis. The smaller specimen is only half the diameter of the one illustrated." The illustration measures about 30 mm across. Below is dorsal view shown in figure 3.


New name:Muensteroceras indianense