Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waldron Shale Fossils

Atrypa newsomensis brachiopod fossil found in Waldron Shale of Clark County. It existed in the Silurian Period.

Unknown holdfast of probably a crinoid.

My favorite cephalopod the Dawsonoceras sp. found in Silurian Period rock.  This one appears to be crushed and the growth lines are not easy to see.

A fragment of the Eucalyptocrinites crassus crinoid calyx that was probably over 2 cm in width when in intact.

Next four pictures are of the Atrypa sp. brachiopods fossils.

Eospirifer eudora brachiopod fossils that existed in the Middle Silurian Period.

Leptaena waldonensis that existed in the Silurian Period.

These horn corals appear to be Metriophyllidae.

Stegerhynchus whitii? found in the Middle Silurian Period.

While I was photographing fossils I started hearing the birds start chattering like crazy.  So I thought where is the cat stalking around making them so nervous.  As it turns out a raptor landed on the corner of roof and it eventually flew off.  All I got was the silhouette.