Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cryptolithus Head Plates

Here are several Cryptolithus sp.trilobite remains found in Carroll County, Kentucky. One still has part of its side spine intact. I have wondered what purpose this spine serves being so close to the body and swept back along the side. Is it possible the trilobite propelled itself backwards with its tail like crayfish do today? As if sped backwards this two spines would protect it if it hit something like a rock or hostile creature?

I also wonder about all the holes along the creatures front rim. Are these some sort of sensory mechanism? I have read this creature is blind so it either navigated with antenna or maybe used this hole system as some sort of detection grid. Of course if it lived in a dark environment, eyes are not really that useful.

This creature lived in the Ordovician period and is in the company of remains from bryozoans and crinoid stems.