Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emmonsia emmonsi Coral

I checked out the The Geological Society of America Memoir 93, Silurian and Devonian Corals of the Falls of the Ohio by Erwin C. Stumm from 1964. It was used to help identify some coral fossils I found weeks ago but needed some help naming.

The names are old since the books is 44 years old but I will leave for now till I get a chance to look up the new names.

Also the species is probably wrong since these fossils came from dirt piles dumped in Louisville and could be from different layers of rock from the Louisville area.

In the book, I used images from Plate 63 FAVOSITIDAE on pages 154-155 with the description on page 66 to help name this specimen.

Bubble Pseudofossils at Blankenbaker Road

Here are some bubble looking structures found at a road cut at Blankenbaker Road in Louisville/Jeffersontown Kentucky.

There are a lot of these shapes in the rock but I am not sure it was some sort colonial creatures or just little rocks bunched together.

UPDATE (2014): This is probably some sort of oolitic limestone.