Thursday, March 8, 2012

Geological T-Shirts

After some thought, I came up with this tagline for the blog, "4.5 Billion Years in the Making... Unearth Its Past" So I began exploring different graphic designs that one could put on a t-shirt with that phrase. It seemed like an interesting creative exercise to see what type of geological or paleontological graphics one could create. After some research, I was amazed at all the different types of t-shirts in a wide variety colors and styles.

The web site to visit is which creates cheap custom sweatshirts. The site is very easy to use and has a clean layout. They have staff that can help you Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm PST either on the phone, live chat, or by e-mail.

I decided on using an image of planet Earth with text around it 

It seemed easy enough so once a graphic was created (shown in the above), it was time to browse to The site showed 30 different styles of t-shirts to choose from. The most popular is the Gildan cotton t-shirt which is what I went with available in 33 colors and 9 sizes (XXS-4XL). They also had clothing brands to choose from: Canvas, Hanes, Jerzees, Champion, and Anvil.

Using the Design Lab option in the browser, a shirt and color were chosen, the art tab was selected, and graphic design uploaded. While the image used already had text embedded, there is a Design Lab text tool that has loads of fonts in 11 different styles. Next step was to switch to the other side of the shirt and add the fluor de lis logo and blog name. Added a message using the add notes icon to tell the staff the graphics should centered on the shirt and contact me if the images needed a higher resolution. Saved the design using my e-mail address and unique name, which gave me a web address to look at the design later. Pressed the quote and checkout icon and finished my order. Nice thing is the shirt order is given in an All-Inclusive Price with shipping.

Here is another design I considered using a vector image of a Dracorex hogwartsia dinosaur in the Journey to a World of Creatures Frozen in Stone. shipped the shirt and it arrived quickly days later. Looks great and I would recommend them to all to create cheap custom sweatshirts in a hassle free environment for quick turn around. Everyone I showed it to likes it. I washed it cold water and then air dried it and it looks good.  So check out for your cheap custom sweatshirt needs, I am glad I did!  

 Here is picture of the actual shirt I received.

Thanks to for the complimentary shirt used to create this posting.

Athleta spinosa Gastropod Fossil

This French fossil is called Athleta spinosa from the Eocene Epoch (Paleogene Period). Named by Linnaeus in 1758 (Conus spinosus). Specimen was found in Oise, France.  Learn more at Paleobiology Database.

Thanks to Herb for the fossil.