Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cryptolithus tessellates Trilobites

Here are some pictures of the lace collar sections of the Cryptolithus tessellates (Green 1832) trilobite fossils. They were on display at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science in Ohio, USA (as of August 2013). The trilobites existed in the Ordovician Period and are found in the Edenian Stage of the Cincinnatian Series.
The genus was named by Jacob Green in 1832 Synopsis of the trilobites of North America. Monthly American Journal of Geology and Natural History, 1(12):558–560. . This trilobite was known by the name Trinucleus concentricus in other earlier works.

If there had been internal remnants of a trilobite it might have looked something like from below. It is a drawing done back in 1920 by Dr. Elvira Wood of the Cryptolithus tessellates (Green 1832).