Monday, October 21, 2013

Louisville in Motion Video

Louisville In Motion. A timelapse tour of Louisville Kentucky. from Eric Stemen on Vimeo.

If you were ever curious of places to visit around Louisville, this short video will give a quick Louisville geography lesson. This awesome timelapse series of images set to music was created by a local photographer Eric Stemen. He took tens of thousands of high definition images of landmarks around the Louisville area from February 2012 till September 2013.

Having taken pictures for years and dabbled a little with timelapse video, the imagery shown in this video is amazing and the product of 100s of hours of work. You can learn more about his work at the web site:

Oh yeah, how this ties to Louisville fossils is Eric's mom, Pam is a talented local fossil hunter. You can see some of her fossil finds in these posts: Hardin County Blastoid, Echinoid Spines, and Guam Micro Samples.

If you have trouble accessing Vimeo for the video, here is a YouTube link.