Monday, December 31, 2018

Visit to the White River

At the end of the year, I visited Indianapolis to see relatives. They live near the White River. When visiting, I try to walk there to see the shells of fresh water creatures.

I have not seen fossils before there but this time I found 3 on the river bank. The first is a small pebble with part of a brachiopod fossil embedded in it.

The second was a nice plate of Fenestella like bryozoan fossils. I dropped it later and broke in half revealing layers of bryozoans.

The last was a section of a small horn coral fossil that reminded me of a Heliophyllum. Interesting the horn coral and bryozoan did not show signs of being in the water that long. Usually river rock with get very rounded from tumbling in the river bed and just having water running over it. So these must have been buried or dropped in off a bank somewhere upstream.

I also pick up trash to throw away but sometimes find items like this that can be re-used.