Saturday, March 13, 2010

French Eocene Clam & Foraminifera?

These Middle Eocene Epoch (Lutetian Stage of the Palaeogene Period, Cenozoic Era) fossils are from Fleury-la-Rivière, France.  Since they are relatively three dimensional some of the images are partially out of focus using a microscope set at 40x.

Howard from Calgary suggested this website called A Collection of Eocene and Oligocene Fossils compiled by Alan Morton to help with identification.  It looks like a nice site.  A quick look at the bivalve page would make think this might be a Glans oblonga or Cardita davidsoni.

I am not sure what this next fossil is. It sort of looks like a grain of rice.  Using Alan Morton's site it might be a foraminifera called Quinqueloculina

Here it is magnified to 100 times with small dots showing on one side.