Friday, January 7, 2011

Fossil of the Aran Isles


Vincent Coleman of Ireland recently sent me some pictures of a fossil he spotted in limestone on an Aran Islands beach (off the west coast of Ireland).  It appears to be an orthocone cephalopod fossil with the chambers and siphincle visible.  He noted it was appoximately 40 cm long.  Also his research shows the rock is probably dated to the Lower Carboniferous (approx. 330 million years ago).

This is a nice find especially for its size and the great constrast between matrix and fossil.  Who knows maybe Ireland's Galway coast can attract tourist the way the "Jurassic Coast" of southern England has for fossil hunters.

Ireland is a great place to visit and Aran Isles are known for their hand knitted wool sweaters.  Last two pictures are from my last trip there. The first picture are of some unidentified islands off Irelands southern coast and the last is a popular tourist destination, the Cliffs of Moher.