Monday, April 13, 2009

A Good Reason to Join Dry Dredgers

Dry Dredgers is a geology society in Cincinnati, Ohio that was formed in 1942. They have a really nice website packed with images and fossil information. That area of Ohio must be primarily Ordovician.

Here is a set of photos they have posted about a 2009 field trip:

Wow, they collected some nice fossils and that looked like quite a turn out. I am not sure what a lot of them are but I saw some Cryptolithus trilobite pieces, castings of orthoceras cephalopods, gastropod molds and shells, crinoid stems, Isotelus feeding scoop, part of Flexicalymene trilobite, trace fossils, worm shells, branching bryozoans, tentaculites, brachiopods, and aragonite pelecypod shell.