Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ordovician Flexicalymene Pygidiums

Yesterday, KYANA Geological Society stopped by Carroll County, Kentucky for some Ordovician siteseeing after a marvelous tour of the Cincinnati Museum Grier Collections Center fossil department. I took a lot of pictures of specimens to post! Here is a sample of Flexicalymene trilobite pygidium pieces I found on the roadcut. I think we were in the Kope Formation of the Ordovician Period.

This first piece is of an enrolled Flexicalymene with a damaged cephalon and pygidium.

Australian Coral Fossil Pictures

The following images appear to be fossilized corals from Australia. I think a few are some sort of horn corals and the first one reminds me of a Louisville, Kentucky Aulocystis or Romingeria from the Devonian Period. I think these fossils might be Silurian or Ordovician Period.

Thanks to Bill for sending them in.