Thursday, May 28, 2020

Acidaspis Trilobite Fossil Fragment

These images show what appears to be the front part of a cephalon of an Acidaspis trilobite fossil. It was found in the Kope Formation of Carroll County, Kentucky USA. The fossil was photographed under 40 magnification of a microscope and is approximately 1.3 mm long. This fossil dates to the Ordovician Period.

This next image is of the same fossil when it was wet.

This last image is of the fossil in the matrix. It is located next to a cephalon fragment of a Cryptolithus trilobite fossil. My personal experience is the matrix from the Kope Formation is best hunted under the microscope. This small world yields a diverse graveyard of sea creature that once roamed an ancient earth.

I documented similar fossils about 10 years ago.