Monday, May 31, 2010

Alispirifer imbricatus brachiopod

This brachiopod seems to match one shown on the Indiana State Museum collection database website that is identified as Cf. Alispirifer imbricatus nomen nudem.  Just to clarify some details of this name as I rarely use some of these terms on the blog, Cf. is the abbreviation of the Latin "confer".  My interpretation of this is the fossil is like another fossil but the identification is not sure.  "Nomen nudem" is Latin for "naked name" which in this context means the scientific name is not official because it was not published or incorrectly published.

My cousin gave me this specimen found on a recent hike in Indiana.  It was found in Washington County, Indiana from the Mississippian Period and probably from the Borden Group (Spickert Knob Formation).  The fossil appears to be an internal cast.  The rock it consists of is hard, he had another fossil I was trying remove a nodule from with the engraver.  With the engraver set at its highest level the rock would not break off.

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