Monday, May 29, 2017

Spiny Brachiopod Fossils

I would not call this fossil rare while at the same time not say it is common either. What makes this particular find nice is the number of preserved spines. The brachiopod has to be found in matrix as to protect those spines from breaking away from the shell.  These brachiopods appear to be a Productella spinulicosta (Hall, 1867). It was found in the Jeffersonville Limestone of Clark County, Indiana USA. Fossils date to the Devonian Period.

Thanks to Kenny for showing me this fossil.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Megalodon 3D Printed Tooth Fossil

I have been printing some more Megalodon shark tooth fossils based off the scanned model found here:

These images show my latest variation where I printed the layers are 0.1 mm so the tooth consists of over 900 layers. I also added a base made with OpenSCAD as well raft printing to make the base more stable. I tried to slow the printing down so the bottom of the tooth is less stringy. It turned out better but still far from perfect. The print took about 6 hours.