Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another Use for Old Blasting Wire

Years ago I was invited to look for fossils at a construction site where they had been doing some blasting. Among the rubble, I would find some tangled wire where the crew had set charges to break up the limestone so the area could be excavated. Sometimes I would pick up this wire as it seemed a shame to let it get buried and not be recycled.

Well, I found a use for the wire the other day when installing an under the counter kitchen radio. The radio reception was not good from the external antenna so I took a section of the copper wire I found and used to extend the existing antenna wire. It definitely improved the station reception afterwards.

You can find the radio on here:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Helicoprion Shark in Cell Phone Game

My previous post showed an Edestus shark in the Jurassic World cell phone game. I encountered another fossil shark in the game called a Helicoprion. This shark-like creature was one odd fish in that its fossil consists of a spiral of teeth. It was eventually determined the spiral was located in the lower jaw. As the fish grew the smaller teeth were pushed into the center of the lower jaw. Read more at the Wikipedia entry:

Image of Helicoprion bessonovi from J. Walther old book in public domain - source Wikipedia 

The real shark existed from the Permian to Triassic (290-250 million years ago).