Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flexicalymene Trilobite

Here is an Ordovician Period trilobite called Flexicalymene from the Mt. Washington area in Kentucky. It is approximately 2 cm in length and has been cleaned with a sand blaster. It is about the only one I have found that is stretched out and almost fully intact.

I found it on a field trip with KYANA Geological Society ( of Louisville, Kentucky.

Unknown Nashville Fossil

I found this on an exposed rock face in northern Nashville, Tennessee about 40 cm from a Halysite chain coral. This index fossil would date this to Silurian Period. Is it the bottom of a crinoid calyx, the bottom of a sponge or coral? Along the cliff face are hexagonal corals and some that look like stacks of pancakes. It kind of reminds me of a sea urchin shape.

EDIT: The material surround the fossil that somewhat looks like fingerprints is beekite. The Paleolist discussion group had some comments about this material.