Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meekoceras Ammonoid Fossil

This ammonoid fossil appears to be a Meekoceras sp. It was found in the Thaynes Formation of Salt Lake County, Utah. It dates to early Triassic Period.

Thanks to Nathan for this fossil. Recently, he visited the Louisville area with a group of students from the University of Wisconsin and we exchanged some fossils. They were very dedicated and impressive in their fossil searching capabilities. We visited a number of local sites and collected for hours in the rain, sleet and snow. Brrr, it was cold and wet. Lots of neat fossils were found, including a Silurian cystoid, a spiny brachiopod, trilobite segments, a giant snail, colonial coral colony, and lots of ziplock bags of fossils. After Louisville, they had more areas to visit around the midwest to find fossils at.