Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jurassic World Game for Android Phone

As I write this, the movie Jurassic World has set all kinds of earnings records accord to the website It has over 1.5 billion dollars US in worldwide sales putting #3 all time behind Avatar and Titanic. As with most big special effect movies released today they have accompanying computer games. Jurassic World is no exception with a game that works on iPhone and Android devices.

I have been playing the Android version mostly to see what kind of animated dinosaurs there are. Some of the Jurassic dinosaurs I have seen so far are the: Stegosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Tyranosaurus and Cretaceous creatures: Bonitasaura, Argentinosaurus, Corythosaurus, Tapejara and Majungasaurus. I am far from an expert on dinosaur or reptile or amphibians but the animal animations are nice. As you progress you creature to more experienced levels it develops more color and features.

There are 4 classes of creatures in the game: amphibian, pterosaur, herbivore, and carnivore. They battle in an arena to gain more resources to use in the game to advance. Up to 3 creatures can battle up to 3 other creatures on an opposing side. The game does not contain graphic violence so the creatures roar at each other and them swipe with the tail or body to try and hit the other one. Each creature has a certain amount of hit points it can sustain and hit points it can damage with. Once its sustained hit points drops to zero or below it is eliminated from that arena competition. Once all the team members are eliminated the opposing team wins the match. The key is to make sure you balance your creature to the one on the opposing team that is at class disadvantage or at least its equal. In battle you have so many moves your creature can do each turn. You must decide how to distribute these, either attack, block, or defer to next turn. The most you can get each turn is 8 moves if you defer moves or 4 if you do not. I have not fully mastered the strategy of when when to block, attack and defer as there seems to be a point multiplier for more moves you attack with. You  can also swap to a different team member so if your carnivore is pitted against an amphibian, you can swap it out for a pterosaur (if you have one) though it costs you one move that turn to do that.

You have to have patience to play this game as you have to wait for food, DNA, coins, and money to accumulate so you can grow the creatures in the game. I found that it helps have multiple games going on at once so you can do something while waiting for some event to happen. All and all a neat game to see the different creature animations but one that needs to be played like chess where you make a move and wait and make a move and wait as opposed to action or first person shooter games which requires constant attention and input.

The game is available for free for the Android phone in the Play Store. In game purchases can help you advance your creatures faster through the game play.