Saturday, September 18, 2021

Huntonia huntonensis Trilobite Fossil

On a recent trip to Alpena, Michigan USA with several amateur paleontologists from Louisville and one from Chicago, we visited a local paleontologist Paleo Joe (aka  Joseph Kchodl). This picture is of one of his trilobite fossils from Oklahoma. This fossil is known as Huntonia huntonensis (Ulrich & Delo, 1940). It was found in the Haragan Formation and existed in the Devonian Period.

 Learn more about this trilobite in the Oklahoma Geological Survey Bulletin 123 Trilobites of the Haragan, Bois D'Arc and Frisco Formations (Early Devonian) Arbuckle Mountains Region, Oklahoma by K. S. W. Campbell (1977). Paper can be found at this LINK.