Monday, February 21, 2011

Silurian Brachiopods For Sale

Pictured are 8 brachiopod fossils from the Silurian Period.  All were collected in Clark County, Indiana in the Waldron Shale. 

UPDATE: This auction is over but another with more brachiopods is on eBay (ends July 22, 2011):

10 Silurian Brachiopods for sale

The Atrypa newsomensis is probably the most commonly found brachiopod and it is preserves quite well.

The large radial lines stand out on the Eospirifer eudora brachiopod.

The Eospirifer radiatus brachiopod is one of the larger brachiopods found.  They are somewhat rare.  This specimen has been crushed but the fine radial lines are still mostly visible.

The Homoeospira evax is another somewhat rare brachiopod to find.  It has distinctive radial lines.

This internal mold of a Meristina maria brachiopod is another of the larger brachiopod found.  These fossils are some what tricky to photograph.  A distinctive feature is the U shaped ridge.

A fairly rare brachiopod and somewhat small is the Parmorthis waldronensis.

One of the smallest brachiopods to find but relatively common is the Stegerhynchus sp.

The Whitfieldella nitida is another hard to find brachiopod.

I have tried to identify these fossils the best I could.  Hopefully, there are no mistakes.  All the fossils will be in individual bags with an identification label.  Ruler not included with fossils.

Click here to see listing on eBay.