Sunday, August 8, 2021

Lepidodiscus alleganius Edrioasteroid Fossil


This scan is from the book is called New York State Museum Bulletin 49 December 1901 Paleontologic Papers 2. It contains a number of papers including one called New Agelacrinites by John Mason Clarke (1857-1925). He named this new species Lepidodiscus alleganius (Clarke, 1901). Fossil like this are found in the Chemung sandstones at and near Alfred, Belvidere and Wellsville New York, USA, and 2 miles south of Sabinville, Tioga County Pennsylvania, USA. This fossil dates to the Devonian Period.

The fossil was re-evaluated in the paper The Classification of the Edrioasteroidea by R.S. Bassler (1878-1961) and its genus changed to Cooperidiscus. This paper was published in Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections Volume 93, Number 8 (April 4, 1935).