Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Southern Indiana Minerals

Calcite is one of the most prevalent minerals found in the state of Indiana.  These first two pictures show clusters of honey colored calcite crystals with remnants of pink dolomite.  The third picture shows the reverse with a large concentration of pink dolomite with two calcite crystals.  These minerals were found years ago in Harrison County, Indiana.

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In addition, two other minerals are for sale an UV light fluorescent wernerite var. scapolite FOUND HERE from Canada and pyrophyllite with hematite from Graves Mountain, Georgia CLICK HERE.

Honey colored calcite crystal - Corydon, Indiana

Pink dolomite with calcite crystals - Corydon, Indiana

Wernerite (var. scapolite) from Otter Bay, Canada

Wernerite (var. scapolite) from Otter Bay, Canada under LW UV light

Pyrophyllite with hematite - Graves Mountain, Georgia