Friday, December 13, 2019

Thamnoptychia Branching Coral Fossil - The Fossil Fireplace

I originally was just going to highlight the branching coral fossil in the center of the picture but 3 other fossils are cemented in close proximity to it. The enrolled trilobite in the bottom left corner of the picture appears to be an Ordovician Period Flexicalymene sp. They tend to be found closer Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

The main coral appears to be a Thamnoptychia sp. It was probably found in the Jeffersonville Limestone of Clark County, Indiana, USA. The fossil in the top right corner is base of a floating crinoid. It was known as an Ancryocrinus sp. and were found in the Beechwood Limestone. These animals existed in the Middle Devonian Period.

The bottom of center picture has a blastoid fossil. It appears to be a Deltablastus sp. blastoid. They date to the Permian Period and are usually found in the Timor of southeast Asia.

These fossils are part of a very unique fireplace exist in a house in the city of Louisville Kentucky, USA. It was created by local geology professor from various fossil finds throughout his lifetime. I took a number of pictures of it and will blog about them in the near future.