Saturday, January 9, 2016

Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center Back Open

January 8, 2016 the new exhibits at Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center were dedicated and opened up the general public. A large crowd turned out for the center becoming available for visitors to see. One now makes a loop through the exhibits starting with an introductory movie in the theater and then exiting to the geological and paleontology exhibit explaining the Devonian reef and the fossil left that can be observed. In interactive reef is available for people to touch and study. One room has a projection of an animated graphic of the reef with sharks and arthrodires swimming in the back ground while horn corals filter the water for food. Trilobites and gastropods can be see moving along the seafloor as well. Ocean sound effects give one the feeling of a watery environment.

A number of fossils found at the Falls are on display as well. Visitors then move on to how the river was formed and information about glaciers role in the area's past. The next room shows paleontology with samples of Mastodon and Mammoth fossils. It also display native American stone tools and information about their settlements at the Falls. Moving through a corridor leads to information about European settlers and then a short video about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Last, a showcase of animals that live around the Falls and an information exhibit about water use and pollution affecting the Ohio River.

Some of the upcoming events at the park:
Falls of the Ohio State Park's Birthday
June 2, 2016 5-7 PM
Guided fossil bed hike and special tour of the Ancient Sea in the exhibit gallery. Cake to be served.
Ohio River Sweep
June 18, 2016 8:30 AM till noon
Clean up trash along the riverbank.
Falls Fossil Symposium: The Ordovician Period
August 20-21, 2016
Geared for serious amateur paleontologists, educators and students, it features guest speakers on Saturday and an off-site collecting trip on Sunday. $15 per person registration fee. Maximum of 30 participants. 
Digging the Past
September 10, 2016, 10 AM to 4 PM
21st year for this event. Lots of hands on activities around the parking lot with collecting in the fossil/mineral piles, atlatl throwing, mock dig, displays and hikes around the fossil beds. $2 per person admission.

Learn more at their web site or Facebook page: