Friday, February 25, 2011

Ordovician-Silurian-Devonian Brachiopods For Sale

Pictured are 16 brachiopods from three different time periods (Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian). 

Brachiopods were at one time a prolific animal in Earth's ancient seas.  Today there are fewer species that inhabit deep ocean.  These fossils were found in the states of Indiana and Kentucky (USA).

The Ordovician period fossils are the Platystrophia ponderosa, Hebertella occidentalis, Sowerbyella sp., and Zygospira modesta?.

The Silurian period fossils are Eospirifer eudora, Eospirifer radiatus (partial), Meristina maria, Homoeospira evax, Atrypa newsomensis, and Stegerhynchus sp.

The Devonian period fossils are Orthospirifer sp., Pseudoatrypa sp., Athyris fultonensis, Brevispirifer gregarius, Spirifera vericosa, and Productella spinulicosta.

All fossils have printed labels showing name, time period, stratigraphy, and location.  Each fossil has its own plastic bag. Ruler not included with fossils.

Shipping to the United States and select international countries.

Check out the auction on eBay ends February 28, 2011.