Friday, July 18, 2008

Ordovician Pelecypod

Here are the remains of a pelecypod and maybe another in a reddish-gold pyrite.

The pelecypod was found in Ordovician rock on Bardstown Road near Mt. Washington. It might be genus Byssonychia. The book Ohio Fossils Bulletin 54 from the Ohio Geological Survey in 1955 lists a number of species for Ordovician pelecypods: Byssonychia radiata, Byssonychia grandis, Anomalodonta gigantea, and Opisthoptera.

UPDATED: In the odd world of geology/paleontology, the name I used has been changed. Byssonychia has been changed to Ambonychia.

See this site for more information:

Straight Shelled Nautiloid Cephalopods

Here are some molds of cephalopod shells found in Ordovician rock off of Bardstown Road near Mt. Washington, Kentucky. Maybe they are of the genus Orthoceras (maybe an old name) or Treptoceras.

More information about cephalopods found in Kentucky can be found at: