Saturday, June 30, 2018

Brachiopod Serving Bowl at the Biltmore Estate

Recently, I visited the Biltmore Estate near Ashville, North Carolina, USA. The house is the largest private house in the United States at over 175,000 square feet (about 16,622 square meters) floor space. It was commissioned by George Washington Vanderbilt II and constructed in about 6 years and completed in 1895.

In the breakfast room on the first floor, I found a number sea creature themed purple serving dishes. The one pictured here appears to be based off a brachiopod. It looks like the handle to lift off the lid is in a snail shape.

The Biltmore is a must see for anyone taking a vacation or holiday trip. It receives about 1.4 million visitors each year and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1963. Learn more at their web site I would suggest purchasing tickets on-line and showing up before the 9 AM opening to get ahead of the crowds. They have an excellent winery on the estate in which I bought some bottles of sparkling grape juice and The Stable Cafe restaurant (the strawberry salad was very good plus quite healthy). Also if you go check out the china cabinet in the Breakfast room of the house. They had a number of dishes including one shaped like an ammonite. The lighting was too low for me to get a good picture of it though.