Sunday, December 2, 2012

Glyptaster? Crinoid Calyx

Fossil shown appears to be some sort of species of Glyptocrinus or Glyptaster crinoid. Specimen was found in the Silurian Waldron Shale of Clark County, Indiana. Below are illustrations from Plate 13 (Figures 1-9) Indiana Department of Geology and Natural History Eleventh Annual Report John Collett State Geologist 1881.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nathan for pointing out this fossil has a new name. Thanks to Kenny for finding names it might be. The Indiana State Museum has a picture in their collections database of a crinoid called Dimeracrinites occidentalis (Glyptaster). It might be this or maybe a Melocrinus oblongus shown on this web site or the Dimerocrinites inornatus shown at this web page.
Top row on plates are identified as Glyptaster inornatus, Hall (1863,1879) and the second row is Glyptocrinus carleyi, Hall (1863,1879). I wrote about a similar specimen back in January 2011. See posting here.