Saturday, December 8, 2018

In Memory of Dr. Glenn Mason

Earlier last month (November 7, 2018), Dr. Glenn Mason passed away. He was a long time geoscience professor at Indiana University Southeast (IUS) New Albany, Indiana, USA. In 2009, I met Dr. Mason while taking classes at the school. On a Saturday in July of that year, he was kind enough to give me and a small group of geology enthusiasts a tour of the Geosciences department at IUS. Glenn was especially proud of the display cabinets in the hallway outside his office that had a number of minerals, rocks, and fossils. Hopefully, IUS will retain these displays as a memory to Dr. Mason and his contributions to geological science and the local community.

Later some us were able to donate some specimens for these cabinets.

Dr. Mason's office door decorated with dinosaur imagery which was a popular class he taught at the school.