Friday, July 10, 2009

Recent Finds: Corals and Brachiopods

The following pictures are variety of fossils that can be found around the Louisville, Kentucky area. There are fossils from three different time periods represented.

The image has a button coral Hadrophyllum with a Silurian sponge in the bottom of the frame.

This picture is of two Devonian knee cap corals or Favosites turbinatus.

This is an unknown Devonian horn coral.
Another unknown horn coral is a grey rock. The coral was filled will a grey clay like mud before it was cleaned out.

Probably a Devonian Period Emmonsia tuberosa coral.
Silurian Period Halysites chain coral.
Devonian coral I have not identified.

A variety of Devonian brachiopods.
A number of corals and sponges.

Ordovician Calcite Brachiopod

Here are some Ordovician Period brachiopods from eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky. I picked out some that have some exposed calcite. I originally posted this as quartz but a KYANA member Charlie informed me that quartz is rare in Upper Ordovician Period fossils. After doing a scratch test with a pen knife, it showed it was not quartz. The white vinegar test proved inconclusive.