Friday, January 29, 2021

Calymene Trilobite Imprints


Over ten years ago while digging the footers for a sun room addition to the house, I found large rock about the size of a volleyball.  I believe this is rock is Brassfield dolomite while Osgood Shale is found in the area as well.

The imprint of the fossil appears to be a Calymene trilobite that is about 6 cm long. It dates to the Middle Silurian Period. It was found in Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA.


To save space it occurred to me to cut the fossil out but on the other side of rock is a fragment of a smaller Calymene. It is possible there are more imprints hidden in the rock that could be destroyed by cutting. All these years I wait till maybe a technology will emerge that will scan through the rock to reveal more fossils.