Friday, August 30, 2013

Pleistocene Glyptodon Fossil

Here is the original fossil shell of a Glyptodon sp. It is specimen ROM 5130 from the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto, Canada. It dates to the Pleistocene epoch (about 100,000 years ago) and was found in Argentina. These creatures could get to the size and weight of a small automobile! It is a mammal in the Order of Cingulata and Family of Glyptodontidae. It could be related to modern mammals like the anteater, tree sloth, and armadillo.

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This fossil was part of the Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and Science in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was photographed in August 2013. The dinosaur exhibit was created by the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto Canada.

The exhibit was supported by Associate Exhibit Sponsor Frisch's restaurant and Promotional Partners Cincinnati Reds baseball, newspaper The Enquirer and TV channel Local 12 WKRO Cincinnati.