Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Be A Dunkleosteus

Back in January 2014 I wrote about How To Be A Megalodon Shark which was about the popular smartphone game Hungry Shark Evolution. In that posting, I was hoping they would create an arthrodire or mosasaur creature to play in the game. Well they have created a Dunkleosteus. It is one fearsome creature with some artistic gaming license added in. The creature has been given a double mouth with the inner able to project out like the creatures in the Aliens movie. It is somewhat creepy.

This game is mixing modern fish and sharks with fossil sharks Megalodon (Cenozoic Era) and the Dunkleosteus (Paleozoic Era - Devonian Period). The game designers did pick two of the more popular sea creatures that are shown in fossil sections of museums.

In the game the Dunkleosteus is the most powerful creature revealed so far but in reality the Megalodon was much bigger though not armored like the Dunkleosteus.  The game info screen shown below is amusing by listing "A newly discovered prehistoric colossus. Some say this beast was responsible for the extinction of the Megalodon..." which means it can time travel. The Dunkleosteus was extinct by over 300 million years by the time the Megalodon made is appearance on the Earth.

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