Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portable Diamond Saw

After reading this Trilobite Tale web page, it inspired me to modify my own gas powered trimmer with a diamond blade.  The blade is one that was used on a tile saw that I also use to cut fossil matrix with.  The attachment used is a brush cutter which had its blade replaced.  As always, WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when cutting or trimming with this type of power tool!  Follow the directions that comes with the power trimmer as well.

I set up the hose to spray water on the rock as I cut it. The pictures of the rock did not turn out since it was getting dark.  The blade was not centered on the shaft so it wobbled.  I need to find a way to correct this.  Also one need to press down against the rock or the blade will bounce.

The blade guard need to be replaced with one that will allow more blade exposure.  The blade being used is 7" in diameter.  Once I have made some changes I will post more results from this project.

Picture of original brush cutting attachment.  It took a while to figure out how to remove the blade.  One needs to attach a C-clamp to the drive shaft and then hold with their foot.  Take a racket with in this case 0.5" socket to remove the bolt hold the blade.