Monday, November 7, 2011

Anthracospirifer leidyi? Brachiopod

The brachiopod pictured appears to be an Anthracospirifer leidyi? found in the Bangor Limestone of Colbert County, Alabama. This animal lived in the Mississippian (Carboniferous) Period about 325 million years ago. This brachiopod reminds me of the larger Syringothyrus texta found in the Borden Group of Indiana. See my earlier post about:

These fossils are from larrysfossils on eBay and this fellow has some nice fossils on sale.  He usually has a good selection of crinoid calyx found in the Bangor as well brachiopods, bryozoan, blastoids, and other fossils.

Check the fossil selection out at

I cleaned the brachiopods with an engraver and stainless steel brush.  The engraver was on too high a setting and/or too aggressive with device as a result brachiopod broke.  I glued it back together and once it sets up I will clean the glue off.